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How's That Day: Episode 02 -- Unsane / 2018 Movie Year in Review (So Far)

Best friends forever Tom and Phil (Tom's words) kick off a brand new episode by discussing... uh, movies again. They're actually super interesting people with varied interests, I promise!
Phil starts with his thoughts on "Love, Simon," and brags about having a fiance and a daughter; Tom follows with the mindless fun of "Pacific Rim: Uprising," before the two engage in a lengthier discussion of Steven Soderbergh's iPhone-shot psychological thriller, "Unsane." The BFFs (not a term agreed on by Phil) dissect the plot holes and the iPhone aesthetic, among other things.
Then, a discussion of the year in film (so far) ensues, and Tom, always the boring nerd with no social life, busts out a hilariously early Top 20 of the year! You can judge him for this; he judges himself.
The episode finishes with another entry of the "What's Botherin' You, Bro?" [We don't have a title for this segment.]

Love, Simon: 6:55
Pacific Rim: Uprising: 13:55
Unsane: 26:25
2018 So Far: 48:45
Final Rants: 1:29:40

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