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How's That Day? Episode 03 -- Roseanne, Black-ish, and the Mixture of Politics and Entertainment

For this episode, cool guys Tom & Phil get a little serious, as they discuss the success and controversy surrounding the "Roseanne" revival, including what separates Roseanne Barr and Roseanne Connor on the political spectrum. Both versions of the woman are Trump supporters, but in very different ways. It's complicated!
As if this were a dang episode of Point/Counterpoint, Tom watched an episode of "Black-ish," which focused on the aftermath of the Trump election win, and compared the way the two shows handled mixing politics and Trump-mania (one did it way better, IMO (this is tom (but Phil would've agreed had he watched both shows, I promise))).
Phil then introduces Tom to some new music to help him get in touch with the youths, and Tom lamely tries to introduce a "Whacha Reading?" segment. They close out with some Final Rants -- Phil stays positive; Tom does not.

00:00 Intro
06:18 Roseanne returns
34:00 Black-ish, Politics, & Pop Culture
54:00 Final Rants: Horror Critics & Music Recs

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