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How's That Day? Episode 05 -- A Quiet Place, Hush, and Sound in Horror

YOU GUYS WE HAVE OUR FIRST REAL ARGUMENT! It's about Hush! Please tell us who's right (me Tom) and who's wrong (dumb Phil!)
Before that, we get into the new horror film sweeping the nation, A Quiet Place. Following a discussion of both horror movies that heavily utilize silence in their storytelling, we get into a brief general discussion about the use of sound (or lack thereof) in horror films -- what we like, what we don't like, and all that friggin' jazz.

00:00 Intro / Grey Gardens & Albert Maysles
21:30 A Quiet Place Review
46:10 Hush / Sound in Horror
01:16:50 Wrap-Up / Milos Forman / Recommendations

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