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How's That Day? Episode 06 -- Isle of Dogs, Wes Anderson, & A Li'l Cultural Appropriation

Y'all knew I had to do it to 'em! Just kidding, that's me, a white man, using a little bit of cultural appropriation. And we talk about that w/r/t Wes' latest, Isle of Dogs!

We also discuss the movie in broader terms, and run down Wes' entire feature filmography (though my #1 is probably that SNL horror parody they did a few years back, before Alec Baldwin came on as Trump and the world still felt like something worth saving. Hey y'all seen Infinity War yet?).

00:00 Intro
04:50 Isle of Dogs Review
37:20 Wes Anderson's Filmography, Ranked
1:04:30 Wrap-Up / Recommendations

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