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How's That Day? Episode 08 -- Tom Wrote a Movie, Infinity War, and Catching Up

Y'all we are back! Tom was in Texas for 25 days, and Phil left the country for the first time EVER! This is huge, you guys. First stamp on dat passport, way to deflower that shit, bro!
Anyway, Tom and Phil discuss the pleasant surprise that was the new Avengers movie, then dig into Donald Glover's continued brilliance with his new single (and masterpiece of a music video), "This Is America."
Aaaaand in stark contrast, we have Kanye's two new, uh... songs. Yeah. They're on Spotify so I guess they're legit. Tom actually digs one of them. Fkn weirdo.
More importantly, Tom and Phil are finally getting shit done in the film world, so let's celebrate us I mean them who writes these things anyway.

00:00 Intro
30:40 Avengers: Infinity War
58:45 This Is America
01:14:30 Kanye and Scoopin' Poop
01:28:30 Wrap-Up / Recommendations

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