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How's That Day? Episode 09 -- NBA Greatness, NFL Stupidity, Mansplaining & Deadpool 2

We like sports and we don't care who knows -- football football football. Tennis. Hockey... golf.
OK lemme stop quoting Lonely Island. I'm the team captain, and I choose you I'M THE OTHER TEAM CAPTAIN AND I CHOOSE YOU TOO ok now I'm done.
In this episode, Tom & Phil discuss the NBA playoffs, the Celtics surprising run (RIP) and LeBron's greatness. Next, we transition into the NFL's new protest rule, and how fucking stupid the NFL has been handling its image.
Speaking of stupidity, boy was Jason Bateman stupid in that NY Times roundtable with the Arrested Development cast! We discuss that (including his seemingly genuine apology), before closing things with a brief review of Deadpool 2.

00:00 Intro
11:15 NBA Playoffs & LeBron James
38:00 NFL Protest Rule Stupidity
01:00:20 Jason Bateman & Mansplaining
01:26:15 Deadpool 2
01:37:00 Close

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