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How's That Day? Episode 07 -- Atlanta & Kendrick Wins a Pulitzer!

Duuuuuudes we really got to geek out this week, talking about two artistic masterpieces Phil & I are in lockstep about. Atlanta is brilliant, Donald Glover is brilliant (and the new Childish Gambino video for his song, This Is America, is the video of the decade (Tom's opinion; Phil's too if he ain't friggin' dumb as rocks!)). Unfortunately, this episode was recorded a few weeks ago due to scheduling stuff, so we don't discuss the new 'Bino.
Then, the nerds talk about Kendrick winning the Pulitzer in record fashion for his masterwork, "Damn." Unfortunately, Phil got tired (it was like 3AM his time, guys!) so he cuts the convo a bit short. But we forgive him, right?

00:00 Intro
06:00 Atlanta & "Teddy Perkins"
40:15 Kendrick Wins the Pulitzer
01:01:40 Wrap-Up & Recommendations

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