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How’s That Day? Episode 12 — Hereditary, MoviePass, and Netflix

Big Strong Boys Tom and Phil get into the latest offering from A24, the horror/drama "Hereditary." This is the longest review yet! 50 minutes long, and Phil had to cut us off like a dang taskmaster. We could've gone on and on about this one, labels and golems! Spoilers, ahoy!Next, Phil assigned Tom some more reading, so we discuss an article featured in Vice about the company MoviePass, and their goals. Like, what are they trying to do, anyway? Seems unsustainable. I dunno.Finally, a great piece in Vulture about Netflix's methodology at the upper levels of the business. Really fascinating read, and we discuss in equally fascinating measure!


MoviePass article:

Netflix article:

00:00 Intro
20:20 Hereditary Review
01:09:45 MoviePass, Netflix, & Commodifying Data
01:30:20 Wrap-Up & Recommendations

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