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How's That Day? Episode 10 -- 76ers Insanity, Roseanne Canceled, Pusha T vs Drake, and Solo

Man, we just couldn't resist recording another ASAP! Bryan Colangelo allegedly uses burner accounts to talk shit about his own players (or his wife is super sweet and insanely defends him on Twitter), and Tom (me hi) is just beyond tickled by this story.
Next, we discuss ABC's decision to cancel Roseanne after her absurdly racist Tweet this week. Hey, Twitter is on fire right now! Roseanne has been a racist jerk for many years, and it finally led to some real-life consequences.
Holy shit, Pusha T dropped the straight-up meanest diss track of all time. Poor Drake. [Tom had some tech difficulties here, and we lost a solid 15 minutes of that blessed content, but whatever, the show was already too long.]
Finally, we review Solo, and Phil's got the angriest nerd-rage boner ever. It's funny. Enjoy the episode!

00:00 Intro
14:20 NBA Finals
21:20 Bryan Colangelo & 76ers Drama
36:20 Roseanne is Canceled!
51:00 Pusha T & Drake Beef
01:09:45 Solo Review
01:38:35 Wrap-Up & Recommendations

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