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How’s That Day? Episode 11 — Kanye’s “ye” & We Try to Understand Modern Mainstream Music

Wanna feel old? Kanye already has a new album out, and I’m not talking about “ye,” which Tom & Phil dissect aplenty. Is this a return to form? Is it crazy Kanye? A lil from Column A, lil from Column B? Go listen, ya turds!

Next, Phil made Tom listen to the USA Viral 50 on Spotify (at least, the top 15 tracks), and they break down their favorites, what didn’t work for them, and the general direction hit music seems to be taking these days. Kanye deserves a lotta credit and a lotta blame for this!

00:00 Intro
23:00 Kanye West & “ye” Review
01:00:00 USA Top Charts / The State of Modern Music
01:32:30 Wrap-Up / Recommendations

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