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How’s That Day? Episode 14 — We Yell at Each Other Over Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom!!!

Boys and Ghouls, if you like DRAMA, you’ll love this shitshow of an episode! Tom & Phil discuss the new Jurassic World movie and GET. IN. TO. THE. SHIT. One takes the side of a movie whore; the other decides to be a pretentious asshat. You’ll have to listen to find out who is who(m)!

After that, “the boys” discuss the pure joy of Incredibles 2. I guess it’s a sequel episode, huh? Should’ve just called the episodes “SEQUELS!” But promoting that JUICY, JUICY DRAMA is what slinging that ‘tent is all about. 

Enjoy, nerds!

00:00 Intro
16:40 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
01:04:00 Incredibles 2
01:22:00 Planning Future Episodes
01:29:30 Wrap-Up & Recommendations

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