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How's That Day? Episode 13 -- Our Halfway-Through-2018 Top Ten Lists!

Lists! LISTS LISTS LISTS! God oh man oh boy or gurl I love lists!!! Phil enjoys them too, more or less.
Anyway, I'll be brief. Phil and Tom discuss their respective top ten lists of the year (plus a few honorable mentions brought up, natch), then briefly mention some anticipated films coming out later in the year.
We meant to discuss our Top Tens of 1998, but the discussion ran long. But DO. NOT. FEAR. We will make that a Part Two to this discussion, and release it sometime before the calendar year expires! We promise! Please, don't panic! Young man climb off that ledge RIGHT FRIGGIN NOW!!!

00:00 Intro
19:30 Our 2018-Midpoint Top 10 Lists
01:13:00 Upcoming 2018 Films
01:22:25 Wrap-Up & Recommendations

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